Altınay is an accredited (QVM certified) Body Builder of Ford for superstructures. At the ModCenter close to Gölcük Ford plant, up to 175 European customer vehicles are modified daily in two shifts. There are more than 100 variants of options to be choosen.

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Vehicle Personalization (VP)

VP business is going on since 2012 and annually figures are increasing every year. In December of 2017, 100.000th vehicle is delivered to Ford Otosan. Schoolbus production has started in the end of 2016 and so far more than 600 Jumbo Transits are modified for the fleet customers.[/morello_top_left_icon_block]

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Vehicle Engineering (VE)

Light commercial vehicles market demands tailor made solutions for different kind of applications. Altınay engineering team is able to work with CAD data to design interior/exterior parts as well as functional parts from scratch according these needs. CATIA and Teamcenter infrastructure allows us to reach the latest Transit data and work precise on modification projects.[/morello_top_left_icon_block]

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After Sales Services

All dealers and fleet customers of Ford Otosan are also key accounts of Altınay, therefore a dedicated team of technicans are always ready to serve at the field to take actions. Schoolbus fleets are most visited due to heavy duty working conditions, because they never stop to carry children in big city traffic. Power sliding door of Schoolbus is designed by Altınay engineering and has been tested in accredited laboratories.[/morello_top_left_icon_block]

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What is QVM?

Qualified Vehicle Manufacturer (Modifier) process ensures that each company in Ford’s network operates to the same exacting standards as Ford do, and offers the same guarantees and warranties. Altınay ModCenter was awarded QVM as of April 1, 2019, and the certificate presentation ceremony was held in Gölcük with the participation of Ford officials.[/morello_top_left_icon_block][morello_top_left_icon_block icon=”budicon-brush” delay=”0.9″ layout=”behind”]

ISO Certificates

Altınay ModCenter, which has already received the ISO 19001 certificate and QVM certificate, has thus met most of the ISO 16949 standards.[/morello_top_left_icon_block]

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QVMs are individually and regularly assessed by Ford to ensure:

  • Meet the highest standards in manufacture, engineering and quality control
  • Offer comprehensive customer support
  • All conversion work is guaranteed by the converter
  • Each vehicle will come with an owner information pack

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ERP System

Altınay manages the VP business via ERP system which integrates important parts of FOSN (a web based interface to connect Ford Otosan) such as production planning, inventory and purchasing.[/morello_top_left_icon_block]

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Let’s make something great together.

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Foil Wrap & Graphics

Sticker films are engineered to customize and even protect the interior and exterior surfaces of your car. Film wrappers use these films to create amazing custom cars.




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You can spray LINE-X on just about anything that needs protection. The LINE-X range of tough, durable coatings are guaranteed to protect your truck from the harshest elements.




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Air Suspension

Looking for optimal comfort, better driveability and more safety for your light commercial vehicle? The existing leaf or coil spring suspension is replaced with a full air suspension system.




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An interior layout that allows the emergency medical service provider to do their job safely. Cabinets, sidewall panels and floor should provide a robust, easy to clean sanitary interior finish.




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View by Wire 360

Rear View Safety has a wide range of affordable backup camera systems for all vehicles. Get the job done safely with these customizable Backup Camera Systems.




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Schoolbus Retrofit

The Schoolbuses in the domestic market need to be modified in accordance with the new regulations. The ministry’s deadline for the modification of these vehicles is almost complete.




Example data of our company progress

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