16+1 School Carrier / New Regulation

Following the introduction of the new Schoolbus regulation in July 2018, the first Vehicle Serial Modification Approval was received by Altınay ModCenter and serial production started. Automatic Sliding Door and the control unit that drives this door is designed and manufactured by Altınay.

  1. Seat-sensitive seat sensor system *
  2. Automatic door control unit
  3. Camera and recorder * (with NVR System)
  4. Automatic door safety wick * (electric type)
  5. Schoolbus foil f. cargo doors
  6. Illuminated «STOP» Plate

*:New Kit Components


V363 Glassvan (19+1 / 16+1 Seating Layout)

The V363 ELWB platform features a new generation of seat and foot connections.

On the other hand, since the vehicle will be provided with glass and without trim, vacuum and PUR decor parts are being worked with domestic manufacturers.

Ceiling, floor and side wall coverings will be installed by Altınay.


Units Built (Cumulative)